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Tecumseh at Tuckabatchee

Tecumseh at Tuckabatchee
Fall 2011 marked the 200th anniversary of Shawnee Chief Tecumseh’s monumental visit to Tuckabatchee – one of four principal towns of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. During his visit, Tecumseh stood before the Creek Council and presented what is said to be one of the most passionate speeches ever given by a Native American leader. His speech worked to rally the Creeks to war against encroaching white settlers, leading to the “Battle of the Horseshoe” and the ultimate downfall of the Creek Nation.

In honor of this great campaign to unite the Creeks, the Friends of Tuckabatchee with the Talisi Historical Preservation Society presented “Tecumseh at Tuckabatchee” on Saturday, October 1, 2011. The event, held on the grounds of the 1845 Patterson Log Cabin, was such a success that the groups decided to turn it into an annual event to be held the first weedend in October in Tallassee.

The main feature of Tecumseh at Tuckabatchee is an outdoor production detailing Tecumseh’s historic visit to Tuckabatchee through the eyes of Seekaboo, a Creek who lived with the northern Shawnees and who served as Tecumseh’s interpreter. The production also describes the journey of America’s Native Americans from the West to Tuckabatchee, and also brings to life the rich culture of the Muscogee peoples. As part of the festivities, special guests from the Oklahoma Muscogee Creek Nation lead a traditional stomp dance to the audience’s delight.

For further information on future events, visit www.tuckabatchee.com.

Battles for the Armory

Battles for the Armory
The annual “Battles for the Armory” Civil War reenactment is quite a popular event in Alabama. Held at historic Gibson’s View Plantation, the reenactment draws approximately 300 participants who take part in the four-day event – which is held each fall, typically near the end of October or early November.

“Battles for the Armory” begins with the School Day Living History Encampment on Thursday. Students from schools located throughout central Alabama enjoy a wide array of activities and demonstrations depicting soldier life during the Civil War.

Friday is set aside for special Confederate Armory tours, while Saturday and Sunday feature two re-created local battles: the “Battle of Chehaw Station” and the “Battle of Franklin.” The event also features a long list of additional attractions for the whole family. Included are interactive exhibits featuring period artillery, infantry, a field hospital and a blacksmith shop, as well as carriage rides around the plantation, shopping at Sutler’s Village and opportunities to enjoy period culture, including dance, music, food and crafts.

The entire “Battles for the Armory” event is sponsored by the Tallassee Armory Guards, SCV Camp 1921, and is hosted by the 53rd Alabama Cavalry. Proceeds generated from the event support various SCV historic preservation initiatives – namely the Confederate Armory Project in Tallassee, and local scholarship programs.

For more information on future events, visit www.tallasseearmoryguards.org/reenactment.

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