Camp Verde, Arizona, attracts thousands of visitors who accept our hospitality as they explore the area's scenic attractions. The Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot National Monuments drew a combined total of 827,578 visitors in 2001. Montezuma's Castle is noted as one of the best-preserved cliff dwellings in the country. Nestled in a limestone recess, the Sinagua Indians built this cliff dwelling early in the 12th century. While there, don't miss the Montezuma Well, a natural limestone sinkhole and lake formed when an underground cavern collapsed centuries ago. As a result, visitors today often marvel at the lush vegetation growing in the middle of the desert.

Tuzigoot National Monument preserves a 110-room prehistoric pueblo ruin and numerous artifacts excavated from the site. The pueblo ruins are remnants of a Sinaguan village built between 1125 and 1400.

History lovers want to schedule a jaunt to Fort Verde State Historical Park as well, to see some of the original buildings from the fort that established an American presence in the area.

We're also the ideal location to visit the dramatic Western scenes at Oak Creek Canyon and Slide Rock in Sedona, and the perfect overnight spot to begin your four- to six-hour drive along Rim Road, a winding 42-mile gravel road that climbs to 8,074 feet, offering wonderful views of mountains and wildlife along the journey.

And when you feel lucky, round out the day with an exciting evening at the Cliff Castle Casino.

Lodging: Camp Verde offers a total of 345 hotel rooms, not including the top-notch RV parks available for outdoorsmen intent on exploring central Arizona to its fullest.

Dining: Although you can find nearly anything you crave at meal time, our specialties include country cooking, Mexican and Chinese dishes, and traditional Western fare. Whether you prefer a sit-down dinner or a fast-food drive-thru, the food is always fresh and delicious.

Shopping: Merchants roll out the red carpet to present visitors with unique souvenirs and gifts. Many guests anticipate the handcrafted treasures from the three Indian reservations located within the town's limits.

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