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Located at the base of the stunning San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff manages to have it all.

The city enjoys the charms and scenic beauty you associate with a small mountain town, yet it enjoys the amenities of a much larger community. The vast Ponderosa Pine forests and gorgeous mountain views are complemented by a highly sophisticated community that is home of one of the state’s three universities. While it celebrates a rich history, Flagstaff also is a home for cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurial industry.

It’s a balancing act few places can claim to successfully master.

Coconino National Forest

The Coconino National Forest surrounds the city of Flagstaff. To the north are the San Francisco Peaks, the dazzling 12,000-foot peaks that are postcard picture perfect in any season. The night sky is awash in stars, courtesy of Flagstaff’s status as the first “International Dark Sky City.” The city maintains numerous parks to enjoy these natural wonders as well as a 50-mile urban trail system within and around the city.

Unlike its neighbors in the Valley of the Sun, Flagstaff is situated 7,000 feet above sea level, and has four distinct seasons. Snow in the winter makes it a desirable destination for skiing, snowboarding and general snow play. The spring brings fields filled with beautiful flowers. Summer is marked by cool temperatures and afternoon showers during the monsoon season, while autumn brings crisp days and the yellowing of the numerous Aspen trees.


Flagstaff’s location is a top ranking asset when compared to other Western locales. It is only 80 miles away from The Grand Canyon, the most visited National Park in the West, and is the closest border city to the largest Indian reservation, the Navajo Nation. These create unmatched tourism opportunities. Phoenix, the sixth-largest city in the Southwest, is only two hours south, while Las Vegas and Albuquerque are about four to five hours away by car, respectively.

Flagstaff isn’t, however, just the hub of a wheel with fascinating spokes. It’s home to one of the state’s three universities and a well-respected community college. The city boasts a robust artistic community and many venues for the performing arts. Outdoor enthusiasts can find a wide variety of recreational activities to enjoy in pristine settings.

For residents, Flagstaff’s diversity coupled with its manageable size and central location make it an ideal place to live. For visitors, it invites exploration and leaves a treasure trove of fabulous memories.

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