Climate, jobs and lifestyle are the main reasons people relocate to Glendale, Arizona and the Greater Phoenix area. With over 300 days a year of sunshine, the area attracts businesses looking for a climate that won't interfere with their distribution networks, telecommunications systems or administrative operation. And, the sunny weather attracts tourists who contribute billions of dollars annually to the "Valley of the Sun" economy. Tourism also brings a steady influx of newcomers looking to relocate to a community that is socially, culturally and economically responsible.graphic

Located in the rapidly growing northwest Phoenix metropolitan area, Glendale is known for its high quality medical and educational institutions, excellent business climate, beautiful neighborhoods, easy access to freeways and diversified economic base.

Still growing at a 28 percent rate since 1990, Glendale is Arizona's fourth largest city with a population of 212,000. Although fast growing, rapid population growth has been handled with caution and foresight characteristic of Glendale's planning process. And in 1999, Glendale residents passed $411.5 million in bond propositions to ensure the city will maintain the many services residents have come to expect. The propositions covered such areas as public safety, streets, transit, parks and recreation, flood control, economic development and the preservation of open space. Demonstrating sound fiscal management, Glendale will phase in bond projects over the next 10-15 years in order to maintain the secondary property tax rate, from which bonds are repaid.

graphicThe majority of Glendale's population is young, college educated, married with children and earning an average of over $41,000 annually. With a median age of 33 years, Glendale's population is younger than that of other Valley cities. Glendale's quality of life was recently recognized by Ladies Home Journal as the 13th best city in the United States for women. The magazine evaluated the country's 200 largest cities and based the rankings on qualities its editors believe are important to women. Glendale's quality of education for women, health and child care, crime rates, the local economy, job opportunities, the presence of women in government and the community's overall lifestyle contributed to the high ranking.

Glendale also received honorable mention for Best Downtown in Sunset Magazine's rating of the West's Best Cities. No surprise considering the city recently finished completion of the $8.5 million state-of-the-art Glendale Civic Center located in the heart of Downtown. Nearby and recently relocated to Glendale, The Bead Museum, a one-of-a-kind, world-class museum, appeals to those interested in arts, culture and heritage. The museum opened in Glendale in February 1999 and will attract a projected 40,000 visitors each year within 5 years.

Affordable, quality homes, excellent educational institutions, and enjoyable recreational amenities have all contributed to Glendale's emergence as an especially attractive place to live and work. The promise of a prosperous future is here. Come see Glendale, and come to stay.

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