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Welcome from the Mesa Chamber of Commerce

Most economists are saying goodbye to the economic storm that was predicted to end in 2010, but like most storms, there are still some ominous-looking clouds hanging over the business community. Experts tell us that these clouds should be watched but that recovery is now what businesses must plan for. Like in any aftermath of a storm, recovery takes time, patience and planning. Businesses of 2011 will be looking for ways to expand their markets, to refine their production, to re-examine their efficiency and to maximize their profits.

The Mesa Chamber polled its members in late 2010 and found that smaller companies are looking for more networking opportunities to share ideas that will help them achieve those recovery objectives. They have also expressed a concern for actions anticipated by state and federal legislation that could impede the economic recovery, and recommended to the Chamber that we stay vigilant and active in the public policy area.

The Mesa Chamber Board of Directors includes men and women that manage or own businesses both large and small. They have the same anxieties as the members they represent and have designed programs to address the objectives of the recovery.

In this directory are the businesses that are taking the lead in helping accelerate economic recovery. They are the backbone of positive change. These are the businesses that have not only weathered the storm but have contributed to the programs that will help all businesses succeed. They deserve our support.

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