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City Government

city government

Mesa operates under a charter form of government, with citizens electing a mayor and six council members to set policy for the city.

Mesa’s council members serve terms of four years, with three members being elected every two years. The mayor is elected at-large every four years. The mayor and council are elected on a non-partisan basis. The vice mayor is selected by the City Council.

The Mesa City Council believes that its people, not leaders, are what makes a city great, and actively works to encourage citizen participation in the decision-making process. Whether it is through neighborhood meetings, advisory boards and committees, telephone calls and letters or electronic mail through the World Wide Web, the Mesa City Council sets policies based on the input and needs of its citizens.

Elected Officials & Districts

Mayor Scott Smith

Councilmember Dave Richins — District 1
Councilmember Alex Finter — District 2
Councilmember Dennis Kavanaugh — District 3
Councilmember Christopher Glover — District 4
Councilmember Dina Higgins — District 5
Councilmember Scott Somers — District 6

The city provides a full range of municipal services including:

Police and fire protection
Parks and recreation
Neighborhood outreach
The operation of electricity, gas, water and wastewater utilities
Solid waste (trash/recycling pick-up)
Golf courses
Community center

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