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El Dorado, Arkansas, is a unique community where preserved history and scenic landscapes meet forward movement and prosperity. The community’s history is still experienced throughout town, with several buildings currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Rich in culture and progress, El Dorado is experiencing a renaissance of sorts with the birth of El Dorado Festivals & Events, Inc., and a complete rebranding of El Dorado as THE festival destination. Now, it’s SHOWTIME! in El Dorado.


While strolling through El Dorado, residents and visitors will also encounter the city’s mission to incorporate modern resources. The recent addition of the multi-purpose El Dorado Conference Center marks one of the largest municipal undertakings in city history. With the opening of the brand new El Dorado High School, the local school district remains at the forefront of education and technology. Additionally, the El Dorado Forward initiative continues to generate funds for future economic development.

There’s no doubt about it: El Dorado offers it all, from vibrant culture and a wide selection of shops and restaurants to unmatched recreation and exceptional residential and business opportunities. Take time to experience all that this wonderful community has to offer!x

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