graphic The Agoura/Las Virgenes Chamber of Commerce will utilize this 2001 Business Directory and Community Guide in referring prospective customers and clients to our many members. These are the local businesses that support our community by providing employment opportunities, support to our schools and civic organizations, and by paying the taxes which are needed to support our beautiful city of Agoura Hills.

We ask that you support the members of our Chamber, listed in this 2001 Business Directory and Community Guide, because it returns money back into our community which enhances our collective prosperity and over-all quality of life.

We are proud of the accomplishments and growth that the Agoura/Las Virgenes Chamber has achieved during the last year, as well as the close working relationship the Chamber has with the City of Agoura Hills. Working together there is little that we can't accomplish.

One of the primary reasons for the Chamber's great success in the last year is our expanded list of member benefits:

-Members are listed in the Business Directory and Community Guide that reaches nearly every home and business in the area.

-Our newsletter, Networking News, provides subsidized advertising opportunities to our members, which allows them to reach potential customers and clients at very little cost.

-New members are profiled in our newsletters and introduced at our functions.

-Members receive referrals from the Chamber office and from other members.

-Members have regular opportunities to meet other members at regular Chamber events.

-Our annual "Business Expo" allows members to present their business or organization to large numbers of people at very little cost.

-Regular events include Casino Night, the Teacher's Appreciation Dinner, the State of the City Luncheon where the Mayor makes a presentation, and our Sheriff's Appreciation Lunch. Political and governmental contacts can be made at Chamber events.

-Many members provide discounts to other members.

-Members may display their ads in the Chamber office and at Chamber events.

-The Chamber's website ( is newly improved and is linked to the City of Agoura Hills website ( Most importantly, it is also linked to our members who have websites.

The Agoura/Las Virgenes Chamber is highly regarded by its members for its success in creating referrals, networking opportunities and overall exposure to the community. Get involved and do business with local Chamber members. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much business you will receive in return. Please visit our website at to view our calendar of events, a list of members, available discounts and other important information. Our office staff is always available to assist you, greet new arrivals to the area, distribute informative materials and make referrals to our members.

Alex Soteras, President
Agoura Chamber of Commerce

Agoura Las/Virgenes
Chamber of Commerce

Officers and Board of Directors:


Alex Soteras, Soteras Mortgage - Phone: 818-706-1941 - Fax: 818-706-1564

1st Vice President
Don Dusablon, Warner Financial - Phone: 818-735-5595 - Fax: 818-735-5599

2nd Vice President
Sal Amato, Morgan Stanley - Phone: 818-713-4700 - Fax: 818-887-7809

3rd Vice President
Barry Garapedian, Salomon Smith Barney - Phone: 818-409-0741 - Fax: 818-244-7523

Howard Lauterbach, CPA - Phone: 818-707-3285 - Fax: 818-310-4833

Kristina Ferrin, J.D. Power & Accociates - Phone: 818-707-4648 - Fax: 818-889-3719

Sal Amato, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter - Phone: 818-713-4700 - Fax: 818-887-7809
Peggy Armstrong, The Canyon Supper Club - Phone: 818-879-5015 - Fax: 818-879-1977
Dennis Burns, Spectrum Club - Phone: 818-879-9500 - Fax: 818-879-8300
Don Dusablon, Warner Financial - Phone: 818-735-5595 - Fax: 818-735-5599
Barry Garapedian, Salomon Smith Barney - Phone: 818-409-0741 - Fax: 818-244-7523
Ken Kosoff, Attorney at Law - Phone: 805-497-6299 - Fax: 805-381-0787
Louis Krakover, NewDay Development - Phone: 818-784-9495 - Fax: 818-783-8924
Zahur Lalji, Wells Fargo Bank - Phone: 818-865-0809 - Fax 818-865-1588
Howard Lauterbach, CPA - Phone: 818-707-3285 - Fax: 818-310-4833
Jim Rule, Publisher, Acorn Newspaper - Phone: 818-706-0266 - Fax: 818-706-8468
Tiffany Ringgold, John Robert Powers - Phone: 818-735-8620 - Fax 818-735-5759
Joe Sergus, Fred Sands Realtors - Phone: 818-879-9100 - Fax: 818-879-8778
Alex Soteras, Soteras Mortgage - Phone: 818-706-1941 - Fax: 818-706-1564
Bernie Wickman, ReedŐs Furniture - Phone: 818-735-5524 - Fax: 818-707-367
Jerome S. Wolf, Accountant - Phone: 818-865-9653 - Fax: 818-707-9702

Office Staff
Patricia Soteras

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