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The City of Barstow is a pro-development community committed to assisting businesses seeking to locate in our community. With its extensive rail, truck, air and freeway systems, Barstow is one of the premier transportation centers in the western United States. These advantages make it an ideal site for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution activities.

Barstow’s location offers outstanding opportunities for transporting products throughout the western United States. BNSF and Union Pacific railroads serve the area. Barstow is home to the BNSF classification yard, largest rail yard west of Kansas City.

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are 150 miles from Barstow. Freight arriving in the ports is quickly unloaded and sent via rail along the Alameda Corridor to Barstow for efficient distribution to the western United States.

Interstate 15 runs through Barstow linking Southern California to Las Vegas and points northwest; Interstate 40 connects Barstow to southeastern United States; and State Highway 58 provides quick, efficient access to Central and Northern California by linking to Interstate 5 and State Highway 99. More than $200 million has been spent on freeway improvements in the greater Barstow area during the past 8 years.

The intersecting highways in Barstow make the area a natural location for the trucking industry. Six carriers serve Barstow and provide regular service to Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and beyond. The city is host to five truck stops, four truck washes, and two truck service facilities.

Ontario International Airport, 75 miles southwest of Barstow, provides passenger and freight service. Southern California Logistics Airport is 30 miles from the site. Barstow-Daggett Airport offers service for executive and charter aircraft.

The cornerstone of the city’s business attraction efforts is the 1,200-acre Barstow Industrial Park. IDS Real Estate, the developer for the soon-to-be, rail-served Barstow Industrial Park, will offer large parcels of land within three miles of Interstate 15.

IDS is working to complete the environmental impact report and to obtain all entitlements by the end of 2009. A railroad extension to the property, forecasted for completion in 2010, positions the Barstow Industrial Park as one of the most sought-after industrial locations in Southern California.

IDS estimates that it will construct 16.5 million square feet of new industrial buildings over the next decade. Wal-Mart has already selected 147 acres within the Barstow Industrial Park for one of its mechanized distribution centers. Wal-Mart recently completed an environmental impact report on the 900,000-square-foot distribution center.

Other advantages the City of Barstow offers companies looking to relocate or expand include:

• Barstow Enterprise Zone
• A Foreign Trade Sub-Zone (#243)
• A large, qualified labor pool
• Less stringent air quality requirements of the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District
• Business-friendly attitude of the City offering one-stop, fast-track permitting

The City of Barstow was awarded Enterprise Zone status in February 2006. The Barstow Industrial Park is within the Enterprise Zone. Special incentives are available to encourage business investment and promote the creation of new jobs through tax incentives for businesses that locate in the Barstow Industrial Park. Enterprise Zone companies are eligible for substantial tax credits and benefits:

• Hiring tax credits
• Credits for the purchase, lease or construction of manufacturing equipment
• Sale and use tax credits
• Business expense deduction for business property
• Net operating loss carryover
• Net interest deduction for lenders

The Barstow area offers an abundant labor force of approximately 90,000 workers. Nearby community colleges and universities can provide specialized training opportunities. Currently, 60,000 workers commute daily to jobs outside the area. This qualified workforce is available at wages that are 10 to 20 percent below the prevailing wages in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

The area is also home to two military bases. The National Training Center at Fort Irwin, whose daily post population of more than 15,000 depend on Barstow for most of their housing, shopping and entertainment; and the Marine Corps Logistics Base which employs more than 2,000 workers.

With this residential growth and 60 million people per year traveling through Barstow, the retail and hospitality industries continue to expand. In the past two years, three new hotels have opened including the Hampton Inn, Comfort Suites and Country Inn and Suites, adjacent to a new Chili’s restaurant.

New retail includes a 65,000-square-foot expansion to Tanger Outlet with retail outlets for Coach, Ann Taylor, Gymboree, Aeropostale, Lucky Brand Jeans, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Claire’s, Calvin Klein and others. The Home Depot is now open in Barstow and Wal-Mart has announced plans to expand its current location into a Supercenter.

These are just a few of the reasons to do business in Barstow! After a trip to the area, potential business owners will quickly understand why many businesses are looking at Barstow as their “Crossroads of Opportunity.”

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