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Basic property tax rate is $1.00 per $100 of appraised (real cash) value plus any taxes levied to cover bonded indebtedness for county, city, school, hospital district or other taxing agencies. Retail sales and use taxes total 7.50 percent.


Brawley has perhaps the most affordable residential market in California. The average price for a new development is $132,500.00.graphic



Power, water and other utility costs are substantially below what consumers pay for usage in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix or Tucson. graphicThe Imperial Irrigation District, which provides Brawley with electric power, boasts the lowest rates per kilowatt hour in Southern California, as well as being significantly lower than anywhere in Arizona. More importantly, it has been virtually unaffected by the energy crisis in California.

The City of Brawley receives its water supply from the Colorado River, ensuring an ample supply for residential, commercial and industrial consumers.

For both commercial and industrial sites, natural gas is provided by the Southern California Gas Company, and state-of-the-art fiber-optic telecommunications and cable television services are offered respectively by Pacific Bell and Adelphia.graphic


Costs for commercial and industrial sites are significantly lower in Brawley than in other Southern California communities. Typically, commercial leases start at $.75 per square foot and purchase prices average $4.50 per square foot. On the industrial side, purchase prices average $.55 per square foot.





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