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The Brawley Economic Development Commission is a private-public partnership dedicated to the enhancement of the local economy.

It acts as a liaison in business endeavors, providing a central point of contact for business needs between the City of Brawley and any other appropriate agencies to facilitate economic development. It facilitates fast track permitting, project proposal expedition, financing, employment training and any other public relations needs required by prospective businesses.graphic

Brawley offers industrial-zoned city land in a business park with direct airport access. It can reduce the cost of the land to zero based on the number of jobs created. Impact fees can be waived or bought-down based on job creation and/or investment & new sales tax revenue.

Brawley is also designated as a Federal Enterprise Community. That means it can offer financing through Low Interest State Industrial Development Bonds or Federal Enterprise Bonds. The city is designated as one of two Manufacturing Enhancement Areas in the State of California. That can mean manufacturing or food processing facilities located in Brawley can be eligible for special tax breaks.

The Manufacturing Enhancement Area offers, as its primary incentive, graduated tax-hiring credits. The tax credit is up to 150 percent of minimum wage, and can total $26,000.00 per employee over a five-year period, that may be used to offset state taxes.

graphicBrawley Beef LLC, a $45 to $70 million beef-processing plant will represent one of the largest investments ever to come into the city. They have built a three-story, 330,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility that will create between 600 and 1,200 new jobs. The beef processing plant may also purchase and process the $160 to $200 million of cattle produced by Imperial County ranchers.

CalEnergy Operating Corporation sells electricity under long-term contracts to Southern California Edison from eight generating plants in the Salton Sea Known Geothermal Resource Area in southern California’s Imperial Valley. The plants produce electricity solely from naturally occurring geothermal resources.

graphicGeothermal production wells tap into superheated water reservoirs thousands of feet beneath the Earth’s surface to release tremendous pressure, which forces the hot water to rush to the surface. There, the plants convert the water to "live" steam and use it to drive turbines to generate electricity.

The BEDC can assist businesses to combine incentives such as the Manufacturing Enhancement Area (MEA), along with the Federal and State Manufacturing Investment Credit (MIC) tax incentive program.

These incentives, along with various financing packages available through the city, can truly make Brawley the wisest choice for business relocation or expansion.


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