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Business: A Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Chico is a center of innovation and entrepreneurship, and is home to many base level, export employers that serve national and international markets.


Whether you’re looking to start or expand your business, Chico offers opportunities for all. You’ll find a number of industry niches in Chico including manufacturing, information, education, professional retail including a vibrant downtown core, services, healthcare and hospitality.

Chico also has a strong light-manufacturing industry with leaders such as Sierra Nevada Brewery, Smuckers Quality Beverages, Inc., Lundberg Family Farms and FAFCO all making their homes here, providing quality products and employment.

Additional Chico companies include Lares Research, Norfield Industries, Transfer Flow, Mooney Farms, Duckback Products, AVL Looms, TFI Benchmark and Improvement Direct.

Information technology and innovation is strong, with companies such as Improvement Direct, Auctiva, Landacorp, Sungard/Bitech, Travidia, Digital Path, Altivation Software, Makel Engineering, 5th Sun Graphic, Uvacide, Advanced Light Technologies, USTC, and York Publishing (Videomaker Magazine).

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