Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce


Making the move to Cloverdale is truly an experience in coming home. With close proximity to diverse attractions such as the Pacific, the redwoods and vineyards, and economic centers such as San Francisco, Santa Rosa and San Rafael, Cloverdale combines the best of metropolitan resources with expansive, awe-inspiring natural surroundings.

While Cloverdale is proud of its history and has many historic properties, new homes and custom construction continue to make their mark on the growth and development of residential areas. With three Highway 101 interchanges serving the community, housing has continued to expand in these areas. There are also real estate opportunities in the rural outlying areas for buyers who desire privacy or for those who wish to explore the possibilities of operating a winery or other venture. The median price of homes in Cloverdale is $456,000. This falls below the median price of $528,000 for other properties in this wine region of Sonoma County.

There are also a variety of rental choices in the area including homes, townhouses and apartments. Rental prices for one and two bedroom apartments and duplexes range from $600-1600 per month, with rent for two and three bedroom homes averaging $1150-1,800 per month. There are also five mobile home parks in the area, which provide an affordable and attractive alternative to conventional housing.

Retirement housing for seniors is available, including the Clover Springs development, which is a Del Webb retirement community featuring over 360 homes for those over age 55. Skilled nursing facilities are also available for those who may need them.


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