Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce


The quality of life in Cloverdale carries over to all facets of community life, and shopping is no exception.

The downtown business district serves as the community and cultural center of Cloverdale. There is an infusion of large shade trees and raised planters along with street furniture. With the new design on Cloverdale Blvd. featuring redesigned parking, roads and user-friendly walkways, you’ll see why people look for the Cloverdale exits on Highway 101 when they are searching for the ultimate shopping experience or getaway. More than just a shopping center, the downtown district is a gathering place for community members.

The small-town atmosphere in Cloverdale offers something you don’t often get with shopping in the larger metropolitan areas: top-quality, friendly service. Cloverdale’s wine country lifestyle encourages shop owners to go that extra mile and provide not only the everyday staples you need, but also those unique items you expect from fine, quality shops.

From everyday household needs like groceries and hardware, to specialty items like gift baskets, antiques and hand painted furniture, Cloverdale has the perfect store to visit. Whether you need clothing for a special occasion, flooring and some fine furnishings for your new home, or a gift for that special person, the retailers here in Cloverdale can fill all your shopping needs.

Cloverdale shopping can also fill all your business needs with electronics and computer equipment, equipment rental, as well as providing the lumber and aggregate materials you need for construction projects of any type or size.

Outdoor cafes complement your shopping experience here in Cloverdale and give you a brief respite while you gear up for more shopping.


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