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Progressive technology combined with a prime location and an active economic development entity make Cloverdale one of the premier locations in Northern California to establish or expand your business.

Being located in the Pacific Time Zone gives us the edge when dealing with companies across the country and worldwide. When businesses on the East Coast and in the Midwest have hung it up for the day, we’re still here making calls and producing the goods and services your customers depend upon.

Being located on Highway 101, 80 miles north of San Francisco and 30 miles from the coast gives us a definite edge in shipping and transportation, whether it is raw materials that are necessary for production or shipping your goods to the consumer.

With a proactive attitude regarding the development of businesses and our competitive position here in Cloverdale, existing companies and newcomers alike will benefit from our evolving framework and planned economic strategy for development.

Our focus revolves around four principal activities that include business attraction, business retention and expansion, product improvement, and job training. We strive to forge a common vision for our community, and when these things come together, we succeed in enhancing the quality of life and economic well being for the entire community.

By encouraging economic diversity and creating an atmosphere that provides opportunities for businesses, we are developing a sustainable future for local residents through the creation of jobs.

With manufacturing, wholesale trade, services, and retail trade providing a large number of the jobs for the local labor force, the major manufacturing employers are Fosters Wine Estates, which has a total of 102 workers; MGM Brakes, which employs around 123 people; and Redwood Empire Sawmills, which has 280 workers.

Of the non-manufacturing employers, the largest is the Cloverdale Unified School District with 176 employees, followed by Ray’s Food Place with 65 workers, Cloverdale Health Care Center which employs 65, and Alexander Valley Regional Medical Center which has approximately 49 employees.

There are 18 manufacturing plants in the community area, with leading group classes of products including lumber, wine, geothermal power and air brake actuators. Major raw material resources include steam, lumber, gravel and wood fiber products.

The mixed landscape of the Cloverdale area affords opportunities for a wide range of businesses. There are more than 70 wineries within 30 minutes of downtown Cloverdale. There is land available for commercial business and manufacturing pursuits ranging in size from under an acre to larger plots, as well as sizeable rural parcels in the Alexander and Anderson Valleys, which would serve well for wineries. There are also a few existing businesses for sale, in addition to lovely Victorian homes which could house a multitude of shops and businesses or bed and breakfast ventures.

Cloverdale residents subscribe to the theory that many hands make light work. Besides the Chamber of Commerce, Cloverdale boasts more than 60 clubs and organizations that residents may be involved in to impact the well being of their community, and add to Cloverdale’s quality of life.

By encouraging economic diversity, emphasizing current progressive business activity and promoting the quality of life through regional marketing efforts, the City of Cloverdale will continue to lead Sonoma County in growth and planned development.


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