Covina Chamber History

Founded in 1900, the Covina Chamber of Commerce is an independent association of businesses organized to encourage a strong local economy, strong government and a high quality of life through an informed and active membership.


The History of the Chamber is colorful and spans over 100 years, from the rural beginnings of farms and orange groves to the central hub of business in the San Gabriel Valley that Covina is today.

The Chamber was first proposed in a July 13, 1895 issue of the Covina Argus, the local newspaper of the time. Several organizations were formed, including The Merchants Protective Association and the Board of Trade. The Chamber of Commerce was active in fundraising, forming “Booster” events to support the war effort in 1914, and many Chambers came together for the “Parade down Broadway” in 1915.

In 1921, the May Day celebration, themed “The Spirit of Summer,” was sponsored by the Covina Chamber and American Legion. A floral parade in the morning, followed by Maypole dances that day, were part of the festivities. In 1920, large signs spelling out “COVINA” were erected with lights suspended at the corners of Citrus and Badillo and Citrus and San Bernardino Road. Part of this “Booster” Program included a contest for a city slogan. After 364 entries, the winner was “One mile square and all there.” The prize was $20. In the ‘30s, the Chamber helped stem the tide of the Depression with numerous promotions. In 1933 and 1936, the Chamber sponsored entries in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena and won trophies for exhibits at the Los Angeles County Fair.

Toward the end of the “Forties,” the Chamber produced brochures and hired a hostess to welcome new residents to the city.


By 1948 there were 7,000 telephones in the local area and business was growing rapidly. Today, the Covina Chamber is supported by membership investments, a special Covina Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s’ Club, program user fees and fundraising events. The Chamber funds its own activities to maintain the independence necessary to fully and effectively represent the business community.

The Chamber’s Board of Directors is led by an executive committee consisting of a Chairman of the Board, Chairman Elect, Chief Financial Officer/Secretary, Immediate Past Chairman and remaining committee members. The executive committee meets the third Wednesday of each month.

The Chamber is always looking for new ways to promote the local business community and provide resources for local business. Always looking forward, the Covina Chamber of Commerce will continue to be the voice of the Business Community.

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