The Covina Downtown


Intimate and neighborly, the Covina Downtown still retains the atmosphere that it enjoyed during its days as the center of a small city whose motto was once “A Mile Square and All There.”

The three-block section comprised by historic Citrus Avenue and its adjacent cross streets, bounded by Badillo Street on the south and San Bernardino Road on the north, is home to a remarkable variety of enterprises, including more than 100 businesses and community organizations.

The merchandise purveyed by Downtown retailers is as traditional as antique furniture and country crafts, and as contemporary as snowboards and compact discs.


Covina Downtown also includes a full array of service-oriented businesses, such as printers and office equipment, ticket service and sports card memorabilia, hair stylists, a pharmacy and an optical shop.

The Covina Downtown hosts an increasing eclectic cultural mix, including restaurants that feature Mexican, northern Italian nouvelle cuisine and other specialties. Take in a popular revival at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts, or an acoustic concert by a world-class musician. Browse the Downtown’s two retail bookstores and reading room, or become a regular at one of its coffee bars.

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