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Community Growth

The population boom in Southern California that followed World War II, when servicemen discovered the many delightful advantages of life in the Golden State, saw the Crescenta Valley emerge from an agricultural economy to become a choice location for veterans seeking single family residences on pleasant lots for their wives and children.

The opening of the Foothill Freeway in July 1972, with its subsequent extension westward to Interstate 5 in 1981, and the completion of the Glendale Freeway in 1978, had a tremendous impact on the Crescenta Valley by bringing it a "freeway close to everywhere."


Businesses have changed, schools were built, then closed due to lack of population, then reopened again. Many families are third generation in La Crescenta. Despite these freeways and despite its growth, the Crescenta Valley remains today a most pleasant, a most attractive, and a most convenient place to raise a family, conduct a business, or enjoy life in Southern California at its very best.

La Crescenta is a residential community offering nighttime rest, seclusion and quiet for families who make their livings in the roar of one of America's greatest cities. It is a community combining all the advantages of urban living and metropolitan convenience.

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