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Health Care

Health care plays a large role in the Duarte community. With the famous City of Hope Cancer Center located here, people travel from around the world for some of the most successful and innovative treatments from top cancer specialists.

Known for pioneering in the development of bone marrow transplantation which has saved countless lives, the Cancer Center also places a great deal of emphasis on the patient’s emotional, spiritual and social well-being. Patients at City of Hope experience the very real healing powers of compassion and understanding.

The City of Hope is one of only 40 National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers. From common to rare cancers, the City of Hope offers appointments for a second opinion, or a video on advances in cancer treatment at (800) 826-HOPE.

The community is also served by the emergency medical services provided by Methodist Hospital in nearby Arcadia. In addition, the Samaritana Medical Clinic provides family medicine, and the Santa Teresita Medical Center has medical clinics, doctor and dental offices, and a full array of medical facilities with a variety of specialists to serve the citizens of Duarte and the surrounding communities.

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