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In February 2007, the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce launched its landmark Healthy City Initiative (HCI) Program. The Initiative is an ambitious plan designed to foster a healthy, vibrant, strong and safe community by promoting seven core values, which the entire community can share and endorse. Each of the seven core values will involve building linkages and connections to business, government, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and individuals, with the Chamber of Commerce serving as the central distribution point for information, ideas, HCI events and activities.

1. Educational Health
2. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainable Growth
3. Personal Wellness and Physical Health
4. Economic Health
5. Civic Health
6. Artistic and Cultural Health
7. Digital, Technological and Scientific Leadership

Each component will be rolled out over the next several years. The Chamber has already begun work on several Initiative elements, and has or is in the process of establishing formal partnerships, linkages and sponsorships with credible third-party organizations.

The Chamber’s First Annual Healthy City Expo and Leadership Luncheon was held on Wednesday, September 9, 2009, and other components of the HCI Program include a dedicated Website,, which was launched in December 2009 – a one-stop site with comprehensive links and information on each of the seven Healthy City Initiative elements.

The Chamber welcomes the participation of all businesses, governments, schools and associations and individuals with a sincere commitment to building a stronger community to join it in this landmark effort.

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