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Fremont is the fourth-largest city by population in the San Francisco Bay Area and is California’s fifth-largest city in area. Part of Alameda County, Fremont is located at the foot of Mission Peak, on the southeast side of the Bay. The city is home to an ethnically diverse population of just over 214,000 with an average age of 36.8.

Incorporated in 1956, Fremont continually wins awards and accolades for the many qualities and features that make life here so attractive. Fremont has a young, active population, with a strong representation of families and children. In 1999, the National Public Health and Hospital Institute ranked Fremont No. 1 among the nation’s largest cities for its healthy environment in which to raise children. Fremont has also been rated the second-best city in the U.S. for overall health. This status is the result of Fremont’s high educational levels and per capita income, plus low unemployment and crime levels.

Fremont has repeatedly received national recognition for its quality of life, even while experiencing ongoing growth as a major high-technology hub. Businesses in Fremont find a diverse, strong base of suppliers and support services, as well as a location that provides ease of transportation and distribution. Fremont also has a highly skilled and educated workforce, with more than 48 percent of residents having a graduate and/or bachelor’s degree. The median household income of $100,000 is nearly double that of California’s median of $54,459, and housing values are higher than the California average, as well. These factors are a clear indicator that real estate in Fremont is a hot commodity for both residents and businesses – and this high quality of life can be a reality.

With its moderate climate, convenient transportation, proximity to employment, excellent public schools, major universities, recreation areas and cultural activities Fremont offers the best of metropolitan living. It is a community rich in culture and history and manages to combine convenient city living with friendly, small town charm.

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