Prairie du Chien Chamber of Commerce

Letter from the Chair

The role of the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce is to advocate and support a positive business climate that enables our members to use their entrepreneurial creativity to grow their companies. By being ever vigilant and proactive, the Chamber ensures the economic and cultural well-being of Fresno County.

A strong local economy is imperative to a healthy community. Good job growth transforms a city from a reactive climate to an entrepreneurial one. The founders of the Chamber knew this, and it is vital to continue their work begun in 1895.

Through the Chamber’s various committees, our members are provided opportunities to build relationships with other members, elected representatives, and the community at-large. Hundreds of Chamber volunteers work tirelessly to build positive relationships to help shape the vision of our community’s future.

Protecting a healthy business climate is another major role of the Chamber. Together we are a formidable force to be recognized. One voice of like-minded individuals can change the direction and fortunes from a prospect of bad legislation. Our commitment is to safeguard business from the machinists of an annual onslaught of crippling regulations by government bureaucracy. By collaborating with other organizations on critical issues, the Chamber brings together many of the most prominent leaders to share their expertise with city and county government officials. Difficult issues bring challenges to everyone and the Chamber works tirelessly to achieve better decisions and better results.

The Chamber is comprised of volunteers from every walk of life, people who live in and love this community we call Fresno. Join us, and together we will continue the heritage of so many that have come before us.

Steve Giel
Chairman of the Board, 2006


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