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Economic Development

Following the State Supreme Court’s decision on the constitutionality of ABX1 26 and ABX1 27, which resulted in the complete elimination of redevelopment agencies in California, local governments were left without site control of their former agency assets and required by the State Department of Finance (DOF) to prepare a plan to dissolve all of these former redevelopment assets. Since this significant hit in 2012, local jurisdictions have had to find new ways to attract and retain business. The use of cost-saving measures, such as reliance on part-time staff, early retirements, and/or contract staff, as well as revenue-sharing strategies, have played a significant role in the ever-changing world of local government as cities keep stretching their dollars to keep their doors open. Word through the grapevine is that more State funding is becoming available for economic development. With the State’s announcement of new tax credits, better credit ratings, and balanced budgets, it appears the economic recovery we have all been waiting for is starting to pick up speed. However, like many others throughout Southern California, Irwindale is not holding its breath. Irwindale continues to use its resources to provide for its own and shine as an example of a self-sustaining community that takes care of its residents and business partners.

Mining’s Key Role in the Economy
The City of Irwindale continues to play a major role as a significant natural resource provider for Southern California. With its reputation as a leader in the building and construction industry, Irwindale continues to provide aggregate mineral resources to the region and the State. Vulcan Materials, Hanson Aggregates, United Rock Products, Holliday Rock, National Ready Mixed Concrete, Spragues, and other aggregate resource businesses continue to be a vital part of the City’s economy.

The City of Irwindale was developed as a mining town. Some of the highest quality rock and gravel found in the western United States lies here, after being washed down over millennia from the San Gabriel Mountains by way of the San Gabriel River. In fact, most of California’s roads and freeways have some element of Irwindale rock in them, as do many highways and interstate byways in the western United States.

The City continues to work closely with active mining companies in the area, ensuring future reclamation and reuse of existing and former mining quarries. It is these future reclamation opportunities that will cause the City of Irwindale to be one of the last locales in Los Angeles County and the San Gabriel Valley to offer large parcels of developable land for cutting-edge commercial and industrial-flex projects like the 655,000-square-foot Huy Fong Foods facility.

The City of Irwindale is committed to leveraging its available assets and resources to strategically invest in the economic success of Irwindale and the region with the goal of producing a return on investment for the long-term economic sustainability and benefit of the community-at-large.

The award-winning 2.2-million-square-foot Irwindale Business Center developed by Trammel Crow Company continues to thrive. This center, which was once a large rock quarry, has become a poster-child for mining reclamation. In a similar fashion, Irwindale hopes to accomplish similar reclamation with other former quarries in an effort to attract well-known companies such as was done by Trammel Crow. The Irwindale business Center is now home to major companies such as Charter Communications, Superior Communications, Iron Mountain, California Custom Fruits & Flavors, and Horizon Tires.

Emerging Industry Clusters
Irwindale is also home to a broad mix of industrial and commercial industry leaders such as MillerCoors, ReadyPac, Décor-Ative Specialties, Huy Fong Foods, MetLife, City of Hope, and other well-known partners that help Irwindale continue to move forward. With its competitive location in the midst of three major freeways (I-10, I-605, and I-210) and well-known “Arrow Highway”, Irwindale continues to attract new business. Most recently, the San Gabriel Valley Corporate Campus, which is owned by Metropolitan Life Insurance and located at 4900-4930 Rivergrade Road, secured a 10-year lease with the City of Hope for the occupancy of their newest administrative operations. The first phase of tenant improvements has been completed and the next stage of improvements has begun in order to meet the ever-increasing needs of their growing patient base. With the completion of the next two phases, nearly 700 new employees will be occupying the site. Based on the anticipated demand, a new three-story parking structure is nearing completion and will provide 790 new stalls to ensure adequate parking.

Irwindale continues to be the showcase location for Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Energy Education Center, which is “a source of energy efficiency information for business owners and operators, architects and designers, operations and facility managers, contractors, engineers, or anyone wanting to learn about the latest in state-of-the-art technology for saving energy, money, and the environment”. The City is proud to have business partners like SCE who are committed to investing in both technological advancements and protecting our environment for the enjoyment of future generations.

With established partnerships, Irwindale has found that economic growth, business expansion and attraction, community revitalization, and environmental sustainability can all be accomplished without leaving a single participant high and dry. Our partnerships with Irwindale Chamber of Commerce, the San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership and the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation have proven to be of significant value. Together, we can have a larger impact on the region and help improve the quality of life for all of Southern California. The City continues to be committed to making new near- and long-term investments to position the community and the region for economic growth and success by teaming with these regional partners and creating new business partners.

The City is committed to working with private industry to continue learning about newly emerging job clusters in the region and how Irwindale can support and promote the expansion of those clusters. Rather than sit on the sidelines and wait for industry trends to fall into Irwindale’s lap, the City will continue to focus its investment resources to align in the direction of industry, demographic, and real estate trends.

Business Assistance
The City of Irwindale knows the key to its success is directly
related to the success of its business community. We have a superior team of professionals to help businesses accomplish their goals. Whether it be a matter of obtaining zoning information, land use entitlements, building permits, public works permits, or general

help in identifying resources to help operate and grow your Business, our team is here to help!

Our team can assist businesses with:

• Referrals to service providers and economic development professionals who can offer free or low-cost information on technical assistance, financing, or workforce preparation

• Identifying permit and licensing agencies.

• Public financing programs (local, state, and federal).

• Labor market, job training, and industry support resources.

We also assist established, larger businesses with:

• Site selection

• Personalized briefings tailored to meet your specific needs

• Coordination with ports, foreign trade zones, railroads and utility companies as well as local cities and communities

• Addressing specific industry issues and support groups

• Human resource solutions

For more information about the City’s economic development plans and

business assistance programs, contact Community Development Director, Gus Romo at (626) 430-2206 or

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