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La Mirada Education

One of the factors contributing to our success here is the reputation of the school system. The La Mirada Public Schools actively seek better ways of educating the children they serve. National testing programs consistently rank area schools above state and national testing norms.


In La Mirada and the rest of California, the support of education is the key to the continued growth of the work force. Over the past 10 years, California has taken decisive steps to enhance public education by committing more of the state’s general fund budget to education. Programs emphasize critical and creative thinking skills combined with regular classroom instruction. There are also many accelerated and advanced-placement classes. Many schools are equipped with the latest computer labs and offer extensive computer training to give students the latest in technological skills, including access to e-mail and the Internet.

La Mirada has the best educational opportunities available in its public school district and nearby colleges. California has one of the highest high school graduation rates in the nation. A very high percentage of graduates continue on to some form of post-secondary education. California students also regularly score in the highest percentile on standardized achievement tests and college entrance exams.

The Mission of the Norwalk-La Mirada School District is to graduate lifelong learners who are: competent in basic skills, critical thinkers and problem solvers, proactive in viewing and managing change; knowledgeable users of technology; conscientious maintainers of a healthy body and mind. The School District instills a sense of responsibility in all students so they can become preservers of the ecological balance in the world; respectful of the American democratic, cultural, and social heritage, work ethic, and value system in order to be contributing, self-confident citizens in a changing, multicultural, interdependent world.

High school students in the district attend one of the four following schools, El Camino, John H. Glenn, La Mirada High School or Norwalk High School. Adult education focusing on continued learning is offered at Norwalk-La Mirada Adult School.

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