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Companies seeking educated workers with advanced skills are quick to recognize that La Mirada’s real value is found in its labor force.

The workforce has a strong work ethic focused on doing a good job. Many of the 2,316 traditional businesses in the city fuel new growth in manufacturing, information technologies, construction, transportation, communication, public utilities, trade, finance, insurance and real estate, services and government. Over the last two decades, California has been one of the fastest-growing states in the United States. From 1984 to 1994, its population grew by 34.4 percent, while the United States’ growth rate was just over 10 percent.

La Mirada has coordinated efforts with the State of California and taken an aggressive approach to creating a competitive business environment, resulting in average operating costs lower than other major markets. With an assessed valuation of $3.16 billion and sales tax revenue of $5.6 million, La Mirada has a strong economic base. Low project development costs, expedited schedules and procedures and shorter construction time due to excellent weather conditions all contribute to low initial project costs. Local colleges and trade schools work with employers to provide job-training programs to meet the training requirements of individual employers. Several national/international banks, as well as local banking institutions, serve the financial needs of businesses in the region.


La Mirada’s Community Development facilitates private investment within the City to ensure future economic viability of the La Mirada economy, characterized by ample and diversified goods and services, employment opportunities, and a strong tax base.

Due to its well-educated and well-trained labor force, various industries thrive in La Mirada. Conducting operations are 183 industries including light industrial firms, diversified manufacturers, large warehouses as well as a multitude of offices and service industries. Important too are the first-rate facilities that support them. Further industrial development receives full support from the La Mirada Chamber of Commerce, which strives to coordinate efforts with the city and business leaders. Forming partnerships that promote further success in business, industry and commerce throughout the region is one of the Chamber’s primary functions. These partnerships provide a wealth of valuable information to the public and private sectors.

Stimulating growth in La Mirada’s thriving industrial sector is as important as ever, considering the recent strides made in manufacturing, information technology, tourism and many more industries.

La Mirada’s very affordable cost of living further illustrates how it has become one of the most cost-efficient regions in the West for industry.

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