La Palma just might be the best-kept secret in Orange County.

Residents in La Palma appreciate high home values, with plenty of fun to be had and an unrivaled community spirit. La Palma has no need for the bustle and hectic lifestyle prevalent in many other cities in the region. Our community’s residents prefer a quieter, more laid-back environment while enjoying the unique cultural and entertaining options available in the city. A central location in Orange County makes for easy access to the rest of the region’s offerings.

Outstanding schools and a vast parks system make La Palma family friendly. An exceptional economy and job market as well as a motivated and highly educated populace keep La Palma an attractive destination for young professionals.

Covering less than two square miles, La Palma is among the smallest cities in California. But with approximately 15,000 personable, successful residents and countless opportunities for a successful career and a good time, our city doesn’t need a larger footprint to make its presence known.

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