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A traditional suburban oasis tucked into the otherwise bustling urban sprawl of Orange County, La Palma has a long history of providing safe, luxurious living for professionals and families. Development of neighborhoods has been rapid and consistent for the last 40 years, with home values comfortably above and crime rates well below national averages.

As La Palma’s population has remained stable for much of the last two decades, most of the community’s housing developments were built prior to that time. As a result, there is very little large-scale residential construction. Renovations and remodelings of outdated homes are, however, commonplace. A community-wide commitment to keeping homes beautiful and up-to-date, combined with the scarcity of undeveloped residential property, helps keep home values on the rise.

La Palma has housing options to meet nearly any need. Just as the diverse offering of styles can match most tastes, a combination of executive homes, estates, friendly neighborhoods and multi-family communities makes La Palma an attractive option for nearly any income level.

The community boasts a vast parks and recreation system that serves both as a place for families to spend an afternoon as well as a common meeting place for residents and visitors. With comfort, safety and luxury in abundance, La Palma never fails to impress new and long-time residents with a high quality of life.


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