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The City of Livermore

The City of Livermore

The City of Livermore welcomes you to discover all that we have to offer in our community. Livermore’s arts, culture, science, western heritage and vibrant wine industry provide a unique blend to this diverse community. The festivals, farmers’ markets and parades bring visitors and residents alike to the center of town to celebrate the bounties of our agricultural heritage and spirit of community, while our two national labs bring scientists from around the world to develop new technologies and solve some of the world’s most difficult challenges.

Livermore is home to California’s oldest commercial wine region, boasting more than 50 flourishing wineries. The region is quickly making a name for itself with award-winning wines and genuine hospitality. The Livermore Valley played a pivotal role in shaping California’s wine industry with the planting of the first grapes by Spanish missionaries in the 1760s. Pioneer winemakers C.H. Wente, James Concannon and Charles Wetmore founded their wineries in the early 1880s which can still be found in operation in Livermore today. Attached to the rich winemaking tradition, climate, soil and geography, new winemakers are working alongside fifth generation winegrowers to create this Livermore Valley wine renaissance.

Livermore offers premium shopping, dining and entertainment throughout the year. The historic downtown district is the destination place for Livermore residents and guests who want to eat, drink, shop, gather to meet neighbors and friends and enjoy cultural activities. The many locally-owned shops and restaurants, the Bankhead performing arts center and live entertainment venues make downtown Livermore truly a unique destination for all. The Livermore Premium Outlets offer world class shopping with over 150 stores to suit all shopping needs and desires.

As home to renowned science and technology centers, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore is a technological hub and an academically engaged community successfully competing in the global market. Through initiatives such as Innovation Tri-Valley and the i-GATE Innovation Hub, Livermore is becoming a place for businesses of all sizes that advance collaboration, foster innovation and promote a culture of entrepreneurship in the greater East Bay. This past year, Livermore celebrated the addition of Livermorium, element number 116, to the scientific periodic table of elements. Researchers from LLNL worked with scientists from Russia’s Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions on the synthesis of six new super-heavy elements including 114 (Flerovium) and 116 (Livermorium). On June 24, 2013 Mayor John Marchand dedicated Livermorium Plaza at Mill Square Park and announced Livermorium Day as May 30th.

As part of our drive to become a center for science and technology, the City of Livermore is committed to building a sustainable community that fulfills the social and economic needs of present and future residents while protecting the City’s environment and natural resources. “Live More, Save More” is a joint effort by WattzOn and Chevron Energy Solutions to help Livermore residents, small businesses and students build sustainable energy-saving habits. The program helps residents and small businesses identify free and low-cost ways to reduce energy usage and save on utility bills. The project also trains students to perform energy consultations, building real-world transferable skills for future jobs.

We hope you spend some time in Livermore to explore all that we have in this great city we call home. For further information, please call 925.960.4000 or visit

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