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Government in Lodi

Operations of Lodi government are overseen by a five-member City Council elected to four-year terms by the city's residents. City Council members are elected in the month of November during the even-numbered years. The City Council establishes local laws, sets policies, approves programs, appropriates funds and supervises the operations of city government.

City of Lodi

The City Council selects Lodi's Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore each year. The Mayor acts as the ceremonial head of the city and as the officiary of the Council meetings. The Mayor Pro Tempore presides in the event of the Mayor's absence.

Boards and commissions play a large role in Lodi, serving in an advisory capacity to the Lodi City Council. Boards and commissions review specific matters and report to the Council with recommendations. The City of Lodi invites residents to volunteer for the city boards and commissions. It is a great way for residents to give back to the community.

Lodi has five police districts and four fire stations, and utilities are provided by Lodi Electric Utility — a customer-owned, city-operated utility.

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