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The Long Beach economy got one of its first boosts when oil was discovered in the area in the early 1920s. Since the city’s beginning the economy has shifted into other industries. One remains the same: Tourism. Millions of people make the trip to Long Beach every year, which accounts for a good deal of revenue. Major attractions, a vibrant arts scene, fabulous restaurants, first-class shopping, and of course, the vast opportunities for outdoor recreation, draws visitors in from all over.

Trade has always been a huge force in Long Beach as the second busiest port in the country is located here. The Port of Long Beach’s existence has created jobs throughout the U.S. The port does its part to be environmentally aware. Adopting a Green Port Policy, it works to lessen or diminish the negative impact their business has on the environment.

Education is also a huge industry in Long Beach. With over 90 schools and about 90,000 students attending those schools, a huge number of jobs are produced to staff these institutions. As a result, the public school system is one of the top employers in the area.

LONG BEACH TOP 25 MAJOR EMPLOYERS (as of February 2007)

1. Long Beach Unified School District
2. The Boeing Company
3. California State University, Long Beach*
4. City of Long Beach
5. Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
6. Verizon
7. Long Beach City College
8. U.S. Postal Service
9. Veterans Affairs Medical Center
10. St. Mary Medical Center
11. CSU Long Beach Foundation
12. Direct TV, Inc.
13. Pacific Hospital of Long Beach
14. The Bragg Companies
15. Long Beach Transit
16. Gulfstream
17. SCAN Health Plan
18. Epson America Inc.
19. Target Stores (Long Beach)
20. RMS Foundation
21. California State University Chancellor's Office
22. TABC Inc.
23. Denso Sales California Inc.
24. Farmers & Merchants Bank
25. Robertshaw Controls Company
* Includes 1,011 part-time employees
Revised 5/29/07

This data was compiled by the City's Department of Community Development.


According to the State of California Employment Development Department, the unemployment rate for the state is 7.3 percent. In Los Angeles County the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate totaled 7.5 percent as of July 2008. Usually, the summer months, account for a dip in employment in the education field due to the ending of the school year. The rate then improves once school is back in session. The winter months bring unemployment down to 5-6 percent, much closer to the national average.

The foundation is set for Long Beach to have a successful future. State-of-the-art technology, plentiful office space, industrial parks and a great location are attractive to business owners wishing to locate here. Presently over 15,000 businesses thrive in this solid environment; the beneficial tools and features available will entice more companies to join the ranks.

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