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A Message From the Chairman

Greetings from the RHCC Chairman

carlos galvan

“That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees.” Marcus Aurelius

What Marcus Aurelius meant was if there are conditions that affect the environment, it affects its inhabitants. Over the past year, we look back at many challenges for the business community; soaring fuel costs, price increases in goods & services, tightening of credit requirements and a general anti-business climate in the form of restrictive regulations…small businesses face those challenges and more for 2009. However, small businesses are the backbone to a still strong, adaptive and resilient economy. Our “bee-hive” is the local economy and the “bees” are the small business.

The Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (RHCC) and the Regional Hispanic Institute have been and will continue to be instrumental in advocating for the needs of small businesses and small business owners. I am honored and humbled by the Board of Directors’ selection of me to be the Chairman of the Regional Hispanic Institute & interim Chairman of the RHCC. I am confident that under my leadership the RHCC will be the premier advocacy group for Hispanic small businesses and the primary resource for business information.

My immediate goal is to continue to promote the growth of the RHCC, continue our activities in business advocacy and community outreach, and have increased partnerships with corporate sponsors that will fund our growth and activities. My ultimate goal is to make RHCC the premier business association that will provide the access to capital that small businesses need to fund their growth; to be the primary networking facilitator for small businesses and to be a repository of business information and resources.

I look forward to a very successful and productive 2009-2010 year. I urge all current members to reach out to businesses in their local communities who are not currently members and encourage them to join. We will be planning many events and activities, all with the singular purpose of helping our small business community. With tough economic times ahead, we must show our strength in numbers. I am confident that we can…together!

Thank you,

Carlos Galvan, Jr.
Chairman, Regional Hispanic Institute, 2009-2010
Chairman, Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010

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