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Stanislaus County has more than 800,000 acres of farmland and consistently ranks among the top 15 counties nationwide in agricultural production, generating approximately $2.5 billion in gross annual income. In the state, Stanislaus County is a top producer of several agricultural commodities, including almonds, walnuts, apricots, peaches, tomatoes, chickens, eggs, beef and milk. The county alone produces more than 40 percent of the state’s apricots and approximately 20 percent of the state’s almonds.

The economic impact from agriculture multiplies when you consider for every dollar of agricultural income, another $3.50 is generated through the processing, packaging, marketing, distribution and sales of ag products as they make their way from the farm to consumers.

Currently, there are more than 250 major industrial plants located in the county that produce canned, frozen and dehydrated fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fresh and frozen poultry, packaged meats, nuts, olive oil, wine and brandies. Other plants manufacture glass bottles, cans, plastics, packaging materials, labels and containers. Due to this concentration of food processing and related industries, the Stanislaus County area is considered one of the richest agricultural regions in the world.

As a result of this thriving industry, it’s no surprise that Modesto is home to some of the top producers in the world.

Gallo Winery, the largest private employer in the county, is the world’s leading wine producer. Foster Farms is the largest poultry producer in the western U.S. and Seneca Foods Corporation operates the world’s largest wet process cannery with a plant in Modesto. The plant is big enough to fit three football fields indoors, end-to-end. Also located in Modesto are the world famous Del Monte Foods and the Almond Board of California, the world’s second largest organization of its kind.

With economic diversity comes a diversified workforce. About 12% of county jobs are supplied by the agriculture industry.

In addition to the large number of ag-related manufacturers in Modesto, there is a growing number of other manufacturers locating in the area, adding to the diversity necessary to fuel the progress of a modern community and put the labor force to work. Among these are producers of chemicals, printing and publishing materials, machinery, plastics, fabricated metals and wood products.

Nearly one-fifth of the county’s wage and salary workers are employed in manufacturing.

Modesto has experienced a steady increase in businesses in the service sector, including hotels and motels, restaurants and personal services of every kind. The city has been especially successful at attracting these types of businesses, making Modesto the retail, service and financial center of Stanislaus County.

A significant portion of the county workforce is employed by the service sector and experts project this sector will experience tremendous growth as the population continues to increase.

As more people, companies and associations discover the natural and man-made charms of Modesto and the surrounding area, it’s understandable the city is becoming a prime destination for conventions, meetings and tourism.

With its central location, outstanding convention and meeting facilities and abundance of cultural and recreational opportunities, Modesto offers a “refreshingly different” experience for visitors.

Lodging is available at the DoubleTree Hotel, a four-star 258-room, high-rise hotel conveniently connected to the Modesto Centre Plaza. Other lodging facilities are available throughout the city at local hotels and motels that cater to families and business travelers.

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