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Recycling Saves


Here in Napa we’re busy striving for a zero waste world, and our Recycling Saves outreach campaign focuses on a few of the many reasons why everyone should reduce their waste and recycle.

Recycling Saves Resources: Recycling protects the environment and reduces the need to extract virgin materials, including oil – recycling one ton of plastic saves the equivalent of nearly four barrels of oil. Our local recycling and composting efforts helped save the equivalent of nearly 13 million gallons of gasoline in 2010!

Recycling Saves Energy: Last year, nearly 118,000 tons of materials were recycled or composted at the Napa Recycling & Composting Facility. By keeping these valuable resources out of the landfill, we significantly decreased carbon dioxide and methane emissions and saved enough energy to power all the houses in Napa for almost three months!

Recycling Saves Jobs: Did you know that the recycling industry in California employs as many people (85,000) as the film industry? And, for every ton of material that is recycled, instead of wasted in landfills or incinerators, 10 times as many jobs are created in recycling sorting, and 25 times as many jobs are created in recycling manufacturing.

Recycling Saves Money: Recycling is more efficient than wasting and costs us all less. Recycling and yard waste collection is included in your rate, and your monthly bill is determined by the size of your garbage container. The bigger the trash bin, the more you pay...save money by reducing your waste!

It’s easy to help – recycle and reuse at home and work, start composting, bring your own bag to the store, purchase products made of recycled materials…and find out more at www.naparecycling.com.

Our website has lots of up-to-date recycling information, including answers to all of your recycling questions. Some of the most asked questions are regarding plastics…here are a few tidbits to help clear things up.

What plastic items can you recycle in your blue cart? Napa residents, schools and businesses can recycle all rigid plastics, including bottles, jugs, buckets, tubs, bins and toys! There is no need to look at the number on the bottom. Styrofoam and plastic bags are not accepted. Businesses with a large amount of shrink wrap can call the NRWS office (255-5200) to set up special recycling services. Also, please realize that many plastic items (pens, straws, lip balm containers, etc.) are so small that they can't be picked out by recycling sorters or fall through our recycling equipment...but we will successfully recycle the majority of the plastics placed in the blue cart. Check www.naparecycling.com for more details on our single-stream recycling program.

What’s the deal with plastic bags? Plastic bags can litter the environment when placed in carts and get tangled in the recycling equipment if they make it to our facility. Use reusable bags whenever possible and recycle bags/film/wrap at stores if you end up with a stash. Clean bags are accepted for recycling at grocery stores, drug stores and large retailers.

What else can you do to reduce the use of plastics? We encourage you to bring your own bag to the store, drink tap water instead of bottled water, avoid purchasing hard-to-recycle plastics and buy in bulk to avoid excess packaging. The “Buy Recycled” page in the Napa County Recycling Guide (in your yellow pages or online at www.naparecycling.com) lists ideas and links for environmentally friendly purchasing.

Content provided by Napa Recycling & Waste Services www.naparecycling.com

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