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Napa River Trail

Napa River Trail

A scenic walking trail winds along the Napa River. The river trail is being constructed in sections, partly by the City of Napa through grant funds, partly by private development and substantially by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as part of the Napa River Flood Protection Project. When completed, it will provide seven contiguous miles of recreational trail along the west bank of the Napa River, from Kennedy Park on the south to Trancas Street on the north, and additional trail sections on the east bank. The river trail serves as the backbone to the Napa River Parkway, which will provide recreational opportunities for hikers, fishermen, joggers, bicyclists and boaters, as well as a setting for wildlife observation and environmental education. Links to existing trails and city streets will provide access to nearby neighborhoods, commercial areas and parks, making the Napa River more accessible than ever.

Several segments of the trail have been completed, such as the recently opened Trancas Crossing Park. This 33-acre open space park is located at 610 Trancas Street and features trails, interpretive signs, restroom, parking lot and pedestrian access for hand boat launching into the Napa River. Restoration of native plants, trees and habitat has been a key focus of this project. In downtown, the character of the trail will become more urban, with adjacent private development providing outdoor cafe space and seating areas to orient private properties to the river.

On the opposite shore of the Napa River you will find the 12.7-acre Oxbow Preserve, which is a prime example of how restoring wetland habitats can result in the creation of a beautiful recreational park. The Oxbow Preserve project included removal of non-native vegetation, planting of native riparian plants and trees, installation of trails and river-view overlooks and construction of a small parking lot.

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