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Welcome from the 2007 Chamber President

Once upon a time there was a couple looking for their special paradise. They lived in the valley with all of the smog, fog and noise. Every day they looked up at the mountains wishing they could get out of the madness and the hassles of everyday living at sea level. Though it wasn’t easy, many years later they finally saw their way clear and found their PEACE (piece of paradise). It was right there in front of them all of the time. Just over Deadwood Mountain, where Highway 41 and Highway 49 came together, was the most fantastic setting in all of the mountains. It’s called Oakhurst.

Oakhurst Area, CA Chamber of Commerce

After relocating in their new found paradise, the new couple was welcomed into the community with open arms. Thus, the makings of a dream come true. This couple is known as the Yarbroughs, Mark and Mary, or affectionately known as “M&M.” That is basically how it all started.

I fell in love with the Oakhurst area in 1989 when I purchased a recreation vehicle and started coming to Bass Lake on a regular basis. It became our second home, as we were active in the community even before we moved to the Oakhurst area. Several years ago I worked out of Fresno and lived at Bass Lake and in Clovis. It was actually around the turn of the century I started becoming involved with the Chamber, volunteering whenever they needed someone to do just about anything. It was fun! We couldn’t take it any longer and sold our home in Clovis and purchased a place here in Oakhurst. In November of 2004, I was selected volunteer of the year and was asked to serve on the Chamber Board of Directors.

My interest in the mountain area has caused me to become involved with the Gateway Partners Association. A partnership formed with Yosemite Park and the other gateway communities to promote our areas as more than a pit stop on the way to the Big Park on the hill. We have several hundred thousands of tourists traveling through our community each year on their way to somewhere else. Some of them even stay in our community just to travel to that Big Park up the hill, and don’t stop to smell the roses (so to speak) or enjoy everything we have to offer.

In the last several years, the Chamber has devoted its efforts to consolidating and becoming more efficient in how we serve and promote the businesses in our community. We started promoting our own community, to our community with the “Shop Local” program, keeping more of the local dollars in our local area.

Now it is time to take the next logical step and that is to start bringing more of the outside world’s dollars into our local businesses. Create ways to let our visitors know how much we have to offer and how they can enjoy our local area. Thus the dawning of… “DESTINATION OAKHURST.” Let’s make the Oakhurst area the place to go to and enjoy. A real Destination! DESTINATION OAKHURST! Think D.O.! Think D.O.! Think D.O.!!!

“The Man With The Hat”
Mark Yarbrough
Financial Advantage 2007 President

Welcome from the 2006 Chamber President

As I sit at my desk and look at the new fallen snow I’m reminded once again just how unique our community is and why our family moved here 15 years ago. How many other communities in California enjoy the beauty of four seasons; snow in the winter, wild flowers in the spring, warm days by the lake in summer and autumn leaves in the fall?

Oakhurst and the entire Eastern Madera County area are not only unique in our physical beauty but we are unique in our business environment as well. Even though the Oakhurst area is approaching 30,000 people, doing business is somewhat like commerce in Andy and Barney’s imaginary town of Mayberry. Business owners and customers know each other by first name and it’s not uncommon to finalize transactions while standing in the checkout line at the market. Our connection to each other extends far beyond our business relationships. We are much more like a very large extended family.

All of us here have chosen to live and do business in our unique community. As the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce President I invite you all to come, stay awhile and experience a “small town” community with “big time” business opportunities.

Tim Madden
Chamber President


Oakhurst Area, CA Chamber of Commerce

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