City With a Vision

With lots of land for development still available, Palm Desert is well positioned to plan its growth intelligently and with a vision of the future. The new General Plan for the city designates space for developing higher education campuses, multiple recreation facilities, diversified housing options, as well as new retail and light industrial uses.

Palm Desert is the only city in the nation that encourages electric "golf" cars on public streets. Sunline Transit is internationally known as a pioneer in alternative energy; their buses run on natural gas. Area windmills continue to develop wind power as another source of alternative energy. Interest is high in the possibilities of solar power in this land of sunshine.

Conservancy areas include the Coachella Valley Preserve, with over 13,000 acres of prehistoric land and protected animals and the magnificent 1000 Palms Oasis; Coachella Valley Mountain Conservancy; the newly formed Santa Rosa and San Jacinto National Monument, devised to protect both private property rights and these unique mountains; and the Bighorn Institute, whose efforts are directed toward preserving our unique and much-prized bighorn sheep.


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