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Apple Mortgage is shaping the mortgage industry movement. Using the internet and other communication advances we will provide borrowers with access to loan programs any time of the day or night, in the privacy of their home or office. Loan programs will be more timely, less expensive and unfiltered by sales hype. Borrowers can enter their financial information directly into the system and receive immediate feedback.

Like ATM's these new systems will expand your access and save you the borrower money.

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Apple Mortgage will never share your information with anyone without your information.


Products& Services



Fixed products


30,25,20,15 & 10 year fixed rate loans

10/1 arm

7/1 and 7/23, arm

5/1 and 5/25, arm

3/1 arm

2/1 buydown



1 year T-bill

11th District Cost of Funds (COFI)

6 month labor

1 year treasure average

MAT 30 year loans

Interest Only

Government Programs








100% LTV Loans

No Down Payment Required

No Down Payment and No Closing Costs Required

1st Time Homebuyer

Community Home Buyers

Conforming and Jumbo

No Income Qualifier/Easy Qualifier

2nd Homes

Investment property

Condos & PUDs

No Cost Loans

Preapproval Programs

Equity Lines

2nd Trust Deeds

Construction Loans

Commercial Loans

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Robert Pratz Apple Mortgage
74040 Highway 111, Suite F
Palm Desert, CA

Phone:  760-341-4444
Fax:   760-341-0987


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