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Shopping and Dining in Pamona

Shopping and Dining in Pamona

From mountains caressed by the sun, through gardens radiant with roses, to extraordinary turn-of-the-century architecture, there is nowhere else quite like Pomona. Excellent choices are available in the selection of accommodations, world-class art galleries, restaurants, shopping, entertainment and recreational activities. Coupled with Pomona’s convenient location, dry sunny climate, and easy access to Southern California’s other famous attractions, Pomona is an enjoyable visitor destination.

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Shopping in Pomona is active, with a community that recognizes the economic and personal benefits of shopping locally. Visitors and residents frequent new businesses, such as Starbucks and Winco Foods, and support old favorites — like the historic Antique Row and the renowned Arts Colony. The result: a boost to entertainment and lodging businesses and increased sales in sporting goods, home improvement products, and automobiles.


The dining and culinary experiences vary in Pomona, which contains an eclectic mix of restaurant establishments. Of the 158 restaurants in Pomona, local restaurateurs offer native food from many countries, and individuals can choose from a wide range of prices and levels of formality.

Whether for business or pleasure, Pomona’s hotels are a popular choice of visitors to the Inland Empire area. Travelers can choose from a selection of sophisticated hotel chains, economical motels, or area camping grounds.

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