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Residential Life

Residential Life

When someone tries to tell you there are no more great real estate opportunities available in Southern California, they’re wrong. They haven’t checked out Pomona.

Located in the heart of the greater Los Angeles area, on L.A. County’s eastern border between the Inland Empire and the San Gabriel Valley, Pomona couldn’t be a more convenient place to work or live. Whether you’re thinking of living or doing business here, Pomona is a place to call home.

The City has more affordable property costs than neighboring cities, and offer great opportunities for renovation, redesign, and reuse of existing facilities. Pomona also has some of the most competitive rental rates in the region.


The residential stock in Pomona covers a wide range of price and lifestyle options — from apartments to starter homes and loft condominiums, to homes and estates in gated communities, as well as charming residences in the City’s three historic districts.

Pomona offers its residents plenty of help when it comes to buying a home or making home improvements. Through the Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP), incentives offered to first-time buyers in Pomona include:
- Deferred-payment second mortgages
- Reduced closing costs
- Reduced principal & interest payment plans


And our “Neighborhood in Progress” program provides qualified residential owner-occupants with cost assistance for improvements, including landscaping, exterior painting, and roofing.

With our growing need for an expanded housing market, Pomona offers residential developers the opportunity to maximize your profit potential. With Pomona’s highly competitive land costs, your development expenses can be carefully controlled. And, with no large tracts of land remaining in the surrounding area, Pomona today is on even footing with our neighbors when it comes to the size and scope of proposed residential developments.

To welcome you to our City, we’ve been busy with major street improvement projects, providing easier access and a more attractive environment. d

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