Welcome to Port Hueneme, known as the friendly city by the sea where the people are as nice as the weather. The city is one of Ventura County’s oldest communities, first known as Wynema when the county was part of Santa Barbara County. The 22,000 plus residents of Port Hueneme, pronounced "Wy-nee-mee," enjoy a high quality of life.

The name Wynema comes from a Chumash village name that means "resting place." The first post office in the community was Wynema. When Thomas R. Bard laid out the town in 1872, he called it Hueneme. When the Port of Hueneme was built in 1939, the name was changed to Port Hueneme.

Businesses in the area benefit from the City being home to the largest commercial deep-water harbor between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Goods are transported through the Port of Hueneme to markets around the world, and jobs are plentiful. Economic forecasters predict unprecedented opportunities in the region for years to come.

Port Hueneme has earned a reputation for thoughtful progress and strong economic growth. It offers a widely diverse economy, ranging from manufacturing to tourism, and serves as headquarters for the United States Navy’s Pacific Seabees stationed at Naval Base Ventura County. The community has become a particularly popular spot for people who want to work throughout the region but prefer to live in a less crowded and more comfortable setting. The City enjoys a mild, sunny climate year round, with an average high of 66 degrees and a low of 52 degrees. The average rainfall is just 13.2 inches.

Residents and visitors can be seen daily strolling among the graceful sandpipers that live in the 50-acre Hueneme Beach Park, which draws people from all over southern California.

Port Hueneme boasts of one of the finest school districts in the State. Hueneme School District students perform above national averages in testing and college placement scores.

Come enjoy Port Hueneme and its ideal combination of bustling commerce, warm community spirit and beautiful surroundings. As you will soon discover, Port Hueneme is not just a coastal paradise…it is truly the Pearl of Ventura County’s Gold Coast.

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