Port Hueneme has a strong economic base and offers advantages not found elsewhere. Low project development costs, expedited schedules and procedures, and shorter construction time due to excellent weather conditions, all contribute to low initial project costs.

Many of the traditional businesses in the city fuel new growth in manufacturing, information technologies, construction, transportation, communication, public utilities, trade finance, insurance and real estate services, and government.

The Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) is a tenant command of Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC). At an establishment ceremony on October 11, 2000, NCBC and Naval Air Station (NAS) Point Mugu evolved into a completely new organization, NBVC. Several tenant commands are located at NBVC Port Hueneme and Point Mugu. Naval Base Ventura County provides world-class support in our nation’s defense.

The Port of Hueneme, the only deep-water port between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is shared between commercial and naval facilities. The Oxnard Harbor District, a political subdivision of the State of California and governed by five Harbor Commissioners elected at-large, is responsible for the administration of the commercial port — Port of Hueneme.

It is a multi-port with flexible facilities, innovative services, high productivity and fast vessel turn around. On-dock rail service is provided by Rail America interconnecting to the Southern Pacific Lines. Highway access is always available via U.S. Highway 101 providing quick truck dispatch from all port facilities. The Port is well located geographically as a back door to Los Angeles and a gateway for the export of agricultural products from Ventura County and Central California.

The commercial port is an international operation experiencing a dramatic growth in business with European, South and Central American and Pacific Rim countries.

Over the last two decades, California has been one of the fastest-growing states in the United States. From 1984 to 1994, its population grew by 34.4 percent while the United States’ growth rate was just over 10 percent.

Port Hueneme has coordinated efforts with The State of California and taken an aggressive approach to creating a competitive business environment, resulting in average operating costs lower than other major markets. Several national/international banks, as well as local banking institutions, serve the financial needs of businesses in the region.

Port Hueneme civic leadership encourages further private investment within the city to ensure the future economic viability of the Port Hueneme economy, which has traditionally been characterized by ample and diversified goods and services, employment opportunities, and a strong tax base.

Port Hueneme remains committed to future redevelopment and revitalization efforts that will maintain and improve the city’s special characteristics; bustling commerce, warm community spirit, and beautiful surroundings.

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