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Community Centers

Bobby Bonds Park/Cesar Chavez Center
2060 University Ave. — 951-826-5746

Bordwell Park/Stratton Center
2008 Martin Luther King Blvd. — 951-826-5355

Bryant Park/Arlanza Center
7950 Philbin Ave. — 951-351-6135

Bryant Park/Eric M. Solander Center
7801 Gramercy Place, Suite B — 951-351-2031

Hunt Park/Renck Center
4015 Jackson St. — 951-351-6132

Janet Goeske Center
5257 Sierra Ave. — 951-351-8801

La Sierra Park/La Sierra Center
5215 La Sierra Ave. — 951-351-6131

Lincoln Park/Lincoln Center
4261 Park Ave. — 951-686-3119


Nichols Park/Joyce Jackson Center
5505 Dewey Ave. — 951-351-6130

Orange Terrace Center
20010 Orange Terrace Parkway. — 951-571-0285

Reid Park/Ruth Lewis Center
701 N. Orange St. — .951-826-5654

Villegas Park/Ysmael Villegas Center
7240 Marguerita Ave. — 951-351-6142

Strong cities are built on strong neighborhoods where residents are actively engaged and have opportunities to be involved. Riverside has 26 community neighborhoods, and the city hosts a monthly Mayor’s Night Out, visiting a different neighborhood each month to engage residents in a conversation about particular neighborhood concerns.

Volunteerism is a hallmark of life in Riverside. Community groups such as Rotary, Kiwanis, and Keep Riverside Clean and Beautiful contribute thousands of hours to community service projects that support and enhance our way of life.

One of the fascinating features about Riverside is that the city is home to four major educational institutions. The city has devoted a great deal of emphasis on quality education and a trained workforce. Currently the city’s workforce exceeds 160,000 workers.

Those who visit Riverside or call it home find it to be a unique place of opportunity and a city that captures the true essence of community.

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