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The City of Riverside continues to be recognized as the legal, financial and educational leader of the two-county Inland Empire.


Riverside also leads the region with the largest number of businesses that range from legal, accounting, brokerage, architectural and engineering companies to software firms, banking institutions and other types of industries. Businesses in Riverside benefit from convenient rail access, high-speed fiber optic and wireless telecommunications, reasonable land and building costs, reliable city-owned electrical and water systems, and a large general aviation municipal airport. The city’s workforce population is estimated to exceed 160,000 workers. Riverside has several new development projects in the works aimed to bring more jobs, office/medical space, retail stores, and dining opportunities to the city. This continued growth illustrates Riverside’s economic stability and a bright future for local businesses.

Riverside’s Leading Employers

Riverside’s growing reputation can be attributed to both the small and large businesses throughout the greater Riverside are. Many of Riverside’s leading employers have also helped to shape the modern-day character of the business community.

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