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The City of Riverside is rich in history with a fascinating heritage. The Spanish and Hispanic influences that are reflected in many of the historic buildings, landmarks and architecture give Riverside a deep connection to its past.


The downtown area consists of an array of historic sites that include the Historic Mission Inn Hotel & Spa and the 1903 Historic Riverside County Courthouse. There are more than 100 historical landmarks that can be found throughout the greater Riverside area. Riverside’s nine historic districts include both residential and commercial properties. These districts have maintained community character within Riverside’s various neighborhoods. Although the city has evolved from what was once a quiet agricultural colony, it is still a jewel of the Inland Empire region for its many cultural attributes.

Franklin Pierce Burnham designed the Historic Riverside County Courthouse. The building adapted elements of two separate buildings built for the 1900 Paris Exposition. The Beaux Arts Classical building features a 23-bay colonnade of free- standing Roman Imperial columns and an interior with valuted ceilings and pilaster. Groups of allegorical figures at each corner of the building feature Justice holding her scales and sword. The 1931 addition by G. Stanley Wilson is one-story and harmonizes with the original.

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