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One of the best places to go to once the sun goes down is the San Gabriel Mission District. The Mission District houses many shops and dining areas, but it also has the Mission Playhouse, also known as the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse. The San Gabriel Mission Playhouse was built in 1912 by John Steven McGroarty to present his epic “Mission Play.” Today, the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse is not only a cultural treasure, but also one of the most magnificent and strikingly beautiful performing arts venues in California. Come tour the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse or see a performance; it is a treasure you won’t want to miss. Call (626) 308-2865 for tour information and (626) 308-2868 for ticket information.

Between the Mission San Gabriel Archangel, the Historical Association Museum, the Ramona Museum, Hayes House, and the Old Jail, there are many more sites to see when exploring the San Gabriel Historical Walk. The San Gabriel Mission Playhouse and Grapevine Park (in which stands a small segment of the original vine that began the San Gabriel Winery) are just around the corner. The San Gabriel Fine Arts Association also hosts a gallery where visitors can view works-of-art for sale by local artists. Everything is open for tours and should be visited in order to have an enriching cultural experience.


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