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San Gabriel’s economic strength is a diverse business base. Most of the City’s commercial activity is along three commercial streets: Valley Boulevard, Las Tunas Drive and San Gabriel Boulevard. Strong industries in the City include medical facilities and restaurants. Most of the restaurant growth has been on Valley Boulevard, with ethnic restaurants and retail. The medical growth has been centered near the San Gabriel Valley Medical Center along Las Tunas Drive.

San Gabriel Boulevard presents an opportunity to bring new retail businesses in addition to other non-retail establishments along the underutilized boulevard. The Mission District is a quaint district for both locals and tourists.

The City of San Gabriel covers 4.4 square miles. Of this area, 48 acres are used for industry and 332 acres are zoned commercial for retail and other businesses. Obviously, the City places an emphasis on commerce and listens to what the people need. The City continues to expand and offer more business opportunities every day.


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