The City of San Gabriel operates under the Council/Manager form of government. The citizens elect the Council to four-year, overlapping terms. The members of City Council then elect the Mayor through a majority vote. The City Council then appoints a City Manager who serves at the pleasure of the Council.

City Council meetings are at 7:30 p.m. the first and third Tuesday of every month at City Hall, 425 S. Mission Drive. Citizens are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in their local governments.

The city maintains its own Community Development Department that oversees planning, building regulation and code enforcement. Recent years have brought a large number of exceptionally high-quality commercial developments to San Gabriel.

The San Gabriel Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency with 55 sworn officers and 20 civilian employees. The Department also has volunteer Reserve Police Officers. The Department supports a Neighborhood Watch Program, Business Alert Network (BAN), and Drug Abuse Resistance Awareness (DARE). All of these programs focus on crime prevention and safety within the home, business, and society. San Gabriel also has 911 service for emergencies including the need for police, the fire department, and health services.

The San Gabriel Fire Department operates two fire stations with 36 people total in the department.

Fire Station 51, the department’s headquarters, is located at 1303 S. Del Mar Avenue. The Fire Chief is located at this station, as well as the Fire Prevention Bureau. All business matters of the department will be handled from this location. Fire Station 52 is located at 115 N. Del Mar Avenue.

The fire department protects life, property and the environment from losses due to fire, medical emergencies, and other disasters. This is accomplished through a variety of programs within the department including: fire prevention, public education, fire suppression, paramedic services, urban search and rescue and swift-water rescue.

The police and fire departments belong to the citizens of San Gabriel. Tours and safety demonstrations are always available to schools, community groups and businesses (by appointment). We welcome the public to tour our facilities and visit with our staff. The members of the San Gabriel Police and Fire Departments are proud to serve the San Gabriel community.


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