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A stroll through the downtown area will reveal how important the arts are to the people of Sierra Madre and why it’s often thought of as an “artists’ colony.” That significant aspect of Sierra Madre’s culture is evident in the many galleries, art festivals, shows, and artwork on display at various businesses.

The Foothill Creative Arts Group on North Baldwin is an important part of the art community, and is both an art school and an art gallery. Founded in Sierra Madre in 1960, Foothill Creative Arts Group provides a friendly and nurturing environment for people of all ages, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. Bringing together the richness of our diverse community through programs, exhibitions, and workshops, Foothill Creative Arts Group provides a means for discovering creative self-expression and developing an understanding and appreciation of others through the arts.


The Sierra Madre Playhouse, in operation since 1979, has provided more than 200,000 guests the finest in live family entertainment. They are a nonprofit theater, and all office staff and most performers and technical assistants are volunteers. But that doesn’t mean less of a show for their patrons. The Sierra Madre Playhouse has been selected, “Best Live Theater,” twice by voters of The Pasadena Weekly.


Sierra Madre’s Community Arts Commission promotes the community’s interest in, awareness of, and appreciation for the arts, and provides support to and enthusiasm for artists living in the community, and encourages the community’s participation in the arts. The Community Arts Commission recently implemented an Art in Public Places ordinance, which provides for placement of public art, much of which is created by resident artists, throughout the City.

Additionally, the Community Arts Commission held a City Flag Contest and solicited designs for the flag from the community. The winner of the competition, a resident of over three decades, said upon winning: “It’s one of the greatest accomplishments of all the things I’ve of the neatest, most memorable things. I’m really honored.” The City Flag now represents the City as its chief symbol, encompassing the pride and spirit of the community, as well as representing and uniting all aspects of the city.

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