graphicSince its incorporation in 1924, the City of Signal Hill has enjoyed a unique and colorful development. From a history of Indians, Spanish Dons and finally incorporated as a result of a world-famous oil boom in the 1920's, the City has continued to develop into a truly unique and balanced community. The oil rigs that once heavily dotted the hillside now give way to lots with picturesque views for upscale single-family residences, high-quality retail commercial developments, and modern, clean industrial parks.

Throughout this development, however, the "Hill" remains, majestically rising up to offer the beautiful panoramic view of the California coastline, its ports and harbors, Catalina Island, the sprawling Los Angeles and Orange County basins, and the majestic San Gabriel and Santa Ana mountains.

The City prides itself in being a self-sufficient, independent entity. The City Council and Redevelopment Agency are dedicated to preserving the residential integrity of the community without giving up the benefits of business and industry. The City has invested millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements, such as two new water reservoirs, installation of synchronized traffic signals along the major traffic corridors, and street-widening projects, to service properly planned growth.

Economic growth, business opportunity, a strong workforce, and quality housing affordable to all income levels characterize the City of Signal Hill. You'll also find that Signal Hill's shopping, recreational, and cultural activities rival those of other similarly sized cities.

Facing the future, Signal Hill looks forward to continued success and prosperity.


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