graphicIn today's highly competitive marketplace, the City of Signal Hill knows what it takes to make businesses succeed. Over the past decade, the City has invested millions of dollars to improve and modernize its infrastructure, including the construction of two new water reservoirs, improvements to public streets to improve traffic flow, and installation of street medians with new City identity signs.

The City of Signal Hill's business-friendly attitude stems from City Council members, Chamber of Commerce leaders, City Hall staff, corporate leaders and law enforcement professionals. The City Council and the City's Economic Development Department have implemented programs designed to attract new businesses, and to help existing businesses expand within the community. Signal Hill has no utility user tax and one of the lowest business license tax rates in Los Angeles County.

The City's major employers represent many of the growing areas of the economy, including health care, business services and retail home improvements. Among the large corporations that have expanded or relocated businesses in Signal Hill are Office Depot Business Services Division, Enterprise Car Leasing, Costco, The Home Depot, Nissan, Universal Health Care and Airborne Express.

Signal Hill is home to small business start-ups and established retail giants. The City's industrial past is still well represented, with many petroleum-related companies located in the City. Programs designed to attract and retain businesses in Signal Hill have succeeded in creating new employment opportunities and increased service to residents. Signal Hill's workforce is diverse, skilled, and well educated. The proximity of Cal State Long Beach to Signal Hill contributes to this excellent work force.


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